Maraji The Comic Impersonator!

Maraji The Comic Impersonator!

The number of internet sensations is at an all-time high with many prodigies springing up from almost every nook and cranny of the nation. A lot of them have failed, and some have succeeded.

In a genre largely dominated by the guys, one lady has shown her proficiency in doing what many consider incredible. Her goal is to spread the laughter like her contemporaries but the way she does it is a phenomenon in itself. Ladies and gents, OduDiscover presents the Queen of multiple impersonation syndrome, Maraji!


Her real name is Gloria Oluruntobi and she is known for playing multiple roles in her comedy skits. Her comic videos are so funny and original and are widely accepted because they deal with everyday issues of ordinary people.

Maraji The Comic Impersonator!

Maraji was born on February 6, 1997, and has a sister and two brothers. She is an indigene of Edo State but grew up in Lagos. She is a graduate of International Relations from Covenant University.

Her ability to play contrasting characters convincingly and comically has led to her success as an online comic sensation.

The female comedian’s talent got her noticed by rapper Falz in 2017 and she appeared in his Single & Searching video with Yemi Alade.


OduDiscover learned that Maraji started her journey by uploading lip-sync videos on social media.

Her uploads started when she was a third-year university student and she says it was as a result of boredom. (Till today, she complains of getting bored easily!)

Maraji’s lip-sync sojourn was inspired by Nicki Minaj. She did a lip-sync of the rapper’s song and was urged by a friend to upload it but she felt skeptical about it so the friend did it for her.

Subsequently, Maraji and her pal started lip-syncing together and things took a different turn when she did a lip-sync of Sugar Baby by Reekado Banks. The singer reposted it and a lot of people started storming her page.

Maraji The Comic Impersonator!

Encouraged, she did the same with Korede Bello and a couple of others. The positive responses she got motivated her to continue. She said about it: “People started making it feel like it was so special. I was like, it’s not that hard ooo. And then they started making me feel like it was a real big thing, so I was like maybe it’s actually a talent.”

She moved on to mimicking comical videos and so began her foray into the comedy genre.


Her videos are usually filled with undertones of exaggerated exclamations and hilarious sound effects.

Maraji’s ability to juggle the demands of stepping in and out of multiple characters in the space of a few minutes is astonishing and this is her greatest asset.

She says when she gets an inflow of ideas, she writes them down, spending hours shooting and editing. Her entire skit process takes a day or two before the final content is ready.


Maraji has revealed that she loves Jollof rice, enjoys being with friends and prefers Twitter to Instagram. She also disclosed that she would pick acting over dancing any day and that she doesn’t plan to stop her skits anytime soon.


Maraji has over a million followers on Instagram and this is proof that she is touching so many lives, adding color and meaning to those who know that laughter is the best medicine.

Maraji The Comic Impersonator!

OduDiscover is so proud of this comic genius and we know that she hasn’t even scratched the surface when it comes to the greatness that awaits her!

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