APGA Guber Primary: Umeh Peace/Reconciliation Committee, Another Effort In Futility

APGA Guber Primary: Umeh Peace/Reconciliation Committee, Another Effort In Futility

Leadership is a herculean task, it requires great responsibility and the ability to take the front line when there’s danger; obviously, “the cabal” are hell-bent in their mendacious propaganda by telling HE, Governor Willie Obiano that all is well when in reality, APGA is suffering from major internal bleeding capable of making the party irrelevant after Him.

What will be said of HE, Governor Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano that APGA, party Ojukwu died in his hands and under his watch as the BoT Chairman and National Leader.

Of course, we all have been waiting to see what Willie Obiano would do differently, but No, the cabal choked him again with deceit that all is well; they can handle the situation.

Truth be told, only Willie Obiano can turn APGA around at this critical time, any committee not led by him, founders and other independent stakeholders of APGA as its members is already dead on arrival.

Willie Obiano must take this last opportunity to save APGA, the leadership by proxy won’t yield him result in rather more betrayal.

There have been arguments that the leadership of the party don’t feel the pulse of the grassroots members, Critical Stakeholders and other members of the party, this should not be true.

The reconciliation Committee hurriedly set up by the cabal with the same cabals as its members is part of the script to kill and bury APGA; we all know what the outcome will be, Failure.

There’s No way one who murdered someone’s only child before the eyes of everyone would be called upon to lead possible prevail on the family. Those who Scripted and executed the grievances in APGA can not become peace agents themselves; it’s against the natural order for one to Approbate and Reprobate.

Those who are part of the problem and grievances were called upon to look for solutions, that’s laughable and effort in futility.

Outside Dr Mrs Uju Okeke and a few names, the rest are arrowhead of the cabals onslaught against APGA rank and file, They lack the neutrality, integrity, morality and Respect to serve in any serious Peace/Reconciliation process of the Party.

There’s also an Igbo saying, thus: He who fired the bullet should not be approached to extract the pallets. The Odinga viruses in APGA lacks the moral justification to approach any aggrieved member of the party to speak.

Senator Umeh, Chief Primus and HRH Rowland Odegbo who were the Endorsement merchants can not achieve the result/responsibility saddled with the committee, they should take a bow and hide their faces in shame.

The first step to peace and reconciliation is justice, they should first accept their flaws, begin the process of Restitution before talking reconciliation.

Since there was a promise to conduct free, credible and transparent primaries, but such didn’t happen, Refund those who were swindled apologies to them and assure them of their place in the inheritance of the party.

Momah Gabriel
Nnewi, Anambra State

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