Wordle 678 Answer: Check The Word Solution For April 28, 2023

Wordle enthusiasts can breathe a sigh of relief as help is at hand for today’s game. The popular daily word game, which has been taking the internet by storm, has provided a fresh clue for its April 28, 2023 (Wordle 678) edition.

Wordle 678 Answer: Check The Word Solution For April 28, 2023

For those who are struggling to solve the puzzle, there are plenty of tips, advice, and guides available to read. In addition, if players are worried about their win streak, the Wordle answer is just a quick click away.

One player recounts their experience of playing today’s game, sharing that they were down to their last guess and had only managed to get a single green and two yellows. However, they were able to make a rather panicked last guess that turned out to be correct. They expressed their preference for a more certain outcome and wished that they had seen the Wordle answer earlier in the game.

Wordle 678 Hint

To aid players in their quest to solve the puzzle, today’s Wordle hint has been provided.

The hint reveals that “roughly”, “approximately”, and “around this time” are all valid substitutes for today’s word, which is often used when talking about historical dates. For instance, an old 13th-century castle might have been built _____ 1250.

In addition, players can take note that there is a letter repeated in today’s puzzle.

Wordle Tips

To increase the chances of winning, players can follow these three tips:

  • Start with a good opening guess that contains a mix of unique consonants and vowels.
  • Narrow down the pool of letters quickly with a tactical second guess.
  • Watch out for letters appearing more than once in the answer.

Players are reminded that there is no need to rush when playing Wordle. They can treat the game like a casual newspaper crossword and come back to it later if they’re struggling. Stepping away for a while might make all the difference between a win and a line of grey squares.

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