Gbenga Daniel Believes Bola Tinubu’s Presidency Will Bring Major Turnaround for Nigeria

Otunba Gbenga Daniel, the former Governor of Ogun State, has expressed his belief that the ascension of Senator Bola Tinubu to the presidency would lead to a significant transformation for Nigeria. As the Senator-elect for Ogun East Senatorial District under the All Progressives Congress (APC), Daniel highlighted Tinubu’s extensive experience and understanding of effective collaboration to deliver dividends of democracy to the Nigerian people.

Gbenga Daniel Believes Bola Tinubu's Presidency Will Bring Major Turnaround for Nigeria
Otunba Gbenga Daniel

During a media parley in Abuja, Daniel spoke about the infrastructural development, manpower, and human development projects he implemented during his tenure as Governor of Ogun State. He also emphasized his commitment to providing robust legislative representation for the people of Ogun East, the state as a whole, and Nigeria at large in the 10th Senate.

Responding to questions about the ongoing struggle among Senators for presiding offices, Daniel downplayed the issue, stating that it was not a major concern as they belonged to the same political party and would eventually reach a resolution.

Expressing his views on the role of the Senate, the former Governor stated, “I’m not one of those who think the Senate should be the leader of opposition for the executive. Don’t forget that they are all members of the same party. The process is about interest, but the election on the floor will be a secret ballot. You say it is a retirement home for former governors, but these people are not rookies.”

Regarding Nigeria’s democracy and expectations, Daniel acknowledged that democracy is an imperfect process and emphasized the importance of consensus-building. He also stressed the need for both the executive and legislature to establish networks to effectively serve the Nigerian people.

Daniel further noted that different interests exist within Nigeria’s diverse population, stating, “What is not in the interest of some people may be in the interest of others.” He urged voters to consider the consequences of electing candidates solely based on financial inducements, emphasizing the need for individual reflection and responsible decision-making.

Reflecting on the 9th Senate, Daniel mentioned a school of thought that believes it achieved more than its predecessor. He cited examples such as the signing of the Petroleum Industry Bill and the introduction of the Bank Verification System (BVAS) as evidence of the Senate’s accomplishments.

As Nigeria awaits the future political landscape, Otunba Gbenga Daniel’s endorsement of Bola Tinubu and his optimistic outlook for the country’s development under his leadership adds to the ongoing discussions surrounding the nation’s political trajectory.

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