Apple Unveils “Vision Pro” Headset, Prioritizing Augmented Reality

After years of anticipation, Apple has finally introduced its AR headset. The product, called Vision Pro, marks a significant step into the realm of augmented reality. Unlike previous rumors of an Apple television or car, the AR headset is a reality.

Apple Unveils "Vision Pro" Headset, Prioritizing Augmented Reality
Apple Vision Pro

During the unveiling, Tim Cook emphasized that Vision Pro offers users an experience unhindered by a traditional display. The focus is on augmented reality rather than virtual reality, as Apple embraces the concept of “spatial computing.” The headset is reminiscent of ski goggles, confirming earlier renderings.

Apple Unveils "Vision Pro" Headset, Prioritizing Augmented Reality
Apple Vision Pro features

A notable feature of the hardware is “EyeSight,” which utilizes a front-facing display to make the wearer’s eyes visible to others in the room, compensating for the opaque visor. While the product supports mixed reality through onboard passthrough, Apple appears less interested in virtual reality.

Curiously, the AR headset seems to prioritize work-related tasks over gaming. Apple has tailored the device to accommodate functions like email, and users can even project a version of their Mac desktop in front of them. This approach suggests that Apple has actively avoided the idea of a touchscreen Mac.

The true impact and success of Apple’s AR headset remain to be seen, but the company has definitively entered the augmented reality market with this release.

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