Apple’s iPadOS 17 Beta Introduces Support for External USB Webcams and Cameras

Enhanced Camera Options to Benefit FaceTime, Zoom, and Mobile Streaming on iPad

Exciting news for iPad users as Apple’s latest iPadOS 17 developer beta unveils long-awaited support for external USB webcams and cameras. This breakthrough development allows iPads to connect with a range of USB webcams and even cameras linked through devices such as Elgato’s Cam Link 4K or mirrorless cameras equipped with webcam modes.

Apple's iPadOS 17 Beta Introduces Support for External USB Webcams and Cameras

Renowned Twitter user Stephen Robles showcased the functionality of USB webcam support, highlighting that it is currently limited to FaceTime usage. This limitation arises from the introduction of a new underlying API in iPadOS 17, requiring app developers to update their software to embrace the new camera options. The ability to connect external USB cameras and webcams will significantly enhance popular apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Further exploration by Twitter user Brian Voll has revealed that the Elgato HD60S+ USB capture card can even facilitate streaming from gaming consoles or any HDMI device directly into FaceTime calls. As apps such as Twitch and YouTube incorporate support for this new external camera capability, the iPad will transform into a powerful mobile streaming device, expanding its potential and versatility.

Apple is currently in the testing phase of iPadOS 17, offering a developer beta version that registered developers can access for free. A public beta version of iPadOS 17 is expected to become available in July, with the final release scheduled for this fall. iPad users can eagerly anticipate harnessing the benefits of external USB webcams and cameras to elevate their FaceTime experience, enhance video conferencing apps, and embrace the potential of mobile streaming on their devices.

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