Mark Zuckerberg Unfazed by Apple’s Vision Pro, Highlights Differences in Values and Vision

In a companywide meeting with Meta (formerly Facebook) employees, CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his lack of concern over Apple’s introduction of the Vision Pro headset. The Verge had access to the meeting, where Zuckerberg stated that Apple’s device did not bring any significant technological breakthroughs that Meta hadn’t already explored. He also emphasized that Meta’s upcoming Quest 3 headset, priced at $499, compared favorably to the Vision Pro’s $3,499 price tag, providing Meta with a wider user base.

Mark Zuckerberg Unfazed by Apple's Vision Pro, Highlights Differences in Values and Vision
Zuckerberg on Apple Vision Pro

Zuckerberg highlighted the divergent values and visions between Meta and Apple, indicating that Meta’s Quest was about people interacting in new ways and feeling closer, as well as being active and doing things. He contrasted this with Apple’s WWDC keynote, where every demo showcased a person sitting alone on a couch. Zuckerberg stressed that Apple’s vision may be one potential future of computing, but it was not the one he desired.

Although Meta has been on edge leading up to Apple’s announcement, recently unveiling the Quest 3 to position itself as a leader in virtual and augmented reality, Apple’s headset represents a major competitive threat. While Meta has seen success in VR gaming and fitness, it has struggled to penetrate the higher-end and general computing market, with the Quest Pro being considered a disappointment.

Zuckerberg’s initial reaction to Apple’s headset is based on limited information, as he acknowledged not having seen it firsthand. However, he noted that Apple’s design choices, including a higher resolution display and increased energy requirements, highlighted the divergence in values and vision between the two companies.

Despite the competitive landscape, Zuckerberg remains optimistic about Meta’s mission, emphasizing the company’s commitment to accessibility and affordability. He pointed out that Meta has sold tens of millions of Quests and believes their social and active approach to the metaverse will ultimately resonate with users.

Zuckerberg’s remarks indicate Meta’s determination to navigate the evolving virtual and augmented reality market, with confidence in their own direction and potential for success.

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